• Groovy Hairy Men Vol.IV (Go Arty-Farty)

    This is for Chloe's nameday.

    Merry Up The God Sons / Gabriel Electrelane / Love To See (Acapella)-JAH Capleton / No Business Shame 69 / Dream Sequence Amon Tobin / Someone Has Prince Far I / S90 Skank Big Youth / Orion Jah Wobble and Bill Laswell / Jah Kingdom Bong Ra / Don't Go (A Capella) Yazoo / Night In Baghdad Laurie Anderson / By Ref Or By Val BroodingSideOfMadness / Tongebirge Kraftwerk / Night In Baghdad Laurie Anderson / Kid A Radiohead / Excerpt From 'For Elsie' The Residents / (We Begin Bombing In) 5 Minutes Bonzo Goes to Washington / Ghosts Japan / Chamber Symphony For Strings O Dimitri Shostakovich / Shut Up (Remix A Capella) Black Eyed Peas / Halfway To A Threeway Jim O'Rourke / Hudson Line Mercury Rev / Abridged Too Far People Like Us / Unseen Sights Alias / Neighborhood #2 (Laika) The Arcade Fire / We Aint Fessin (Double Quotes) Anticon / Rosemary intro DJ Spooky / Naut Humon / Le Segue Camelo Tom Ze / Lingua Ex MAchina remix DJ Spooky / Antipop Consortium: Real is Surreal DJ Spooky / Salvation Train Scotty / Don't Rhyme No Mo' David Holmes / Beauty Unfold Prince Far I / Killa Gorilla Bong Ra / Alive (A Cappella) Beastie Boys / Bonus beat hh baxstudio (stonerock_prod) ill DJ Bax / Strictly Irie Part 1 (Raggacore-Mix) Hetzer / The strangers are tuning Soundtrak Dark City / Warhead Bong Ra / Home Invasion Mixmaster Mike / Give Ear Prince Far I / It's A Fine Day (acapella) Opus III / Boys boys boys Sabrina / Sing It Back Moloko / Cakes The RZA and Wu-Tang Clan / Tenastelin Prince Far I

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    1. ki einai yperoxi

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    3. good list. sorry im not good with the old greek

    4. thank you!send me an e-email i have an idea .ask 'chloe'