• Jazzacore Vol.I (John Butcher Revisited)

    Prepared Jazzacore Vol.I (John Butcher Revisited) after B's request. He wanted to have his fave artist's album mixed with electronic tracks. I mixed the entire John Butcher's album "London & Cologne Saxophone Solos" (1996) mostly with electrocore. Tracklist:

    Some kind of memory John Butcher When Time Became A Lock Mnortham Introduction Prince Far I A thing or two John Butcher Violation 9901 Audioactive Bitniks Slip's Speed Bike (DJ Slip remix) Bottleskup Flenkenkenmike Our man in action John Butcher Apostasy 5xpi Close to reason John Butcher Morning Light Criterion Shrinkdown John Butcher Terror Pop Fdread Chophop Geroyche Speech GW Bush Shiny Metal Rods Aphex Twin (We Begin Bombing In) 5 Minutes Bonzo Goes to Washington Pathologisches Wohl Slackism Im Kaefig LFO Demon Warhead Bong Ra Continuo John Butcher Cerunnos Yen (araknocore0 projekt)+Scarykix Almost secret John Butcher The Vampire Strikes Back Broklyn Beast (doily & Churchshoes) Absolving Order Blaerg Pseudocode Bourbonese Qualk Jah Rastafari Prince Far I Schism John Butcher
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