• 17 Days From Now

    Preliminary works began. I've to write down the main guidelines. Contacted three persons. Three articles are being prepared. First Sentences. Society Of Birds. Dionysus Is Arriving.
    The last of the remaing priests are preaching the Law. Dionysus Is Back On Earth. Celebrate Him. Feast.

    Where Should I Place Pana and Pegasus ? I have to notify them. There Is No Soul Alone. Sleepy Ghost With Yellow Blanket. All Go ToHell. Differential Lives Inevitable Death. Defunct Loves. Too Many Video Games - RottenBrain.

    Decide the length. Two discs or one? Decide the pak. Definitely: Black , White and Red.

    That old green box is waiting. Don't hesitate to open it. Prepare the Documents.

    17 days. Synchronize your watches, you whities.

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    1. i don't understand a thing, but you must be right.