• Video: Flesh Me [2007]

    Flesh Me

    Video and Music: BroodingSideOfMadness
    Voice: U. Cassavetes

    VAIA 2007

    No sentimental condescension with the likely spectator and in particular with the facility which is proposed by the hero-from the first moment- takes place without dysfunctional optics. This happens as the hero tries to restore a rationalized attitude toward a very limited life, with which it cannot even reconcile itself. Thus the flesh becomes the base for the search of rudimentary humanity and mainly the deeper means for a need for communication that exceeds the limits of very socially protected tolerance for love. The question is, however, how much the hero might incorporate the right flesh in his life and mainly becomes a new and spiritual part of it without pain and mental loss.

    Screening of 'Flesh Me':

    [13 June 2007 - 17 June 2007]
    DIPEAP VideoArt Exhibition
    Dimotiko Politistiko Parko St. Kotsis
    Themistokleous & Spartis
    Ag. Paraskevi, Athens

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