• Video: Interspersed In Walls [2007]

    Interspersed In Walls

    Writer/ Directed: U. Cassavetes
    Music: 'There is No Soul, Alone' by BroodingSideOfMadness
    Editing: AddTech/ ReUsed Parts
    Actors: Aggeliki Matopoulou, BroodingSideOfMadness

    Time: 2.17 min
    Production Year: 2007
    'You: Coma'

    It is a difficult, brutal and at the same time hetero-destructive life-game, played without any rules. As the personal stagnant pool of the heroes has - with characteristic certainty - become their own life, that game requires predetermined results from its participators. They should intersperse and scatter their mental reserve in between the cementitious walls of their action space and each one of them should create the impression of repeated happiness – infelicity. The impression will have a big soothing force. The game of the heroes is supposed to be finished, even if the last ones decide to free themselves, to gather the pieces that have penetrated the dam of walls and reverse a pre-programmed mesh of commands, which are always related to the viewpoint of gender and its expected stereotypes.

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