• In A Real World....

    Shoe salesmen drive nation's aesthetics. Scarecrows visits tall signs in the middle of nowhere. Skyscrapers are the last viable fragmented space in the gargantuan nature. Modded cars for cheap tacky luxury, things of a past. News flash. 'Italian mobster shoots a lobster!'. Plastic pastiche helmets will save the 50+ years old macho dignity. Bem vindos aos Estados Unidos da América.

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    1. hahahahhaha

      awesome photo of the shoe store
      and good quote of mag 7

    2. Anonymous said... 10/11/2007 01:10:00 PM

      Very interesting fotos.
      There is malaria/ in the area...
      I do think it's a kind of an anti-social disease. It seems so. Or in other terms, the redemption of physical reality at its peak-a- boo.

      You should have visited my homeland, Xenia.

    3. Xenia OH ? ;P