• Music performance 'Delusions of Grandeur'

    Thursday, March 8, at 8:00 pm, full moon, at the CAMP Contemporary Art Meeting Point, Apellou Efpolidos str 4 & 2 (Pl.Kotzia, Athens) as part of Angelos Petroutsas work 'Delusions of Grandeur - Mirror, mirror on the wall , who is the fairest of all?'.

    dj K.atou (DJ) www.residentadvisor.net/dj/k.atou
    gonglove (gong improvisation - percussion - echokatharsis ) www.gonglove.org
    BroodingSideOfMadness (original music composition) www.etchedtraumas.net
    DELIGHT (costume design) www.de-light.gr
    Pindaros Harissiadis (design assistance) www.arsondpi.gr
    Kostis Maloussaris (ceramic offerings) www.rethymnoguide.com/omodamos