• Warmth (For Jii) compilation

    Jii was diagnosed with stage 3 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2008 and she has been fighting it ever since. During 2008 she was told to make out a Living Will of Testament and to find a proper guardian for her daughter. Thankfully, the cancer has recently gone into remission but it is non curable and is expected to return once the cancer cells become active again. During her illness and recovery, she had no health insurance and she could not work. As of April 1st, she will be declared homeless and she is searching to find a shelter where she can stay until she finds work and affordable housing. The good news is that she now has health insurance in the state of Minnesota of which she has fought hard and long to obtain.

    In honor of Jii, this fundraiser was put together by Gimu and her friends to help her out during a dark time in hopes that there is light in her future. The artists on this compilation have generously donated a song with no expected compensation. This is a small example of what we as artists can do by coming together and making a deeper impact on another's life - in this case a fellow musician. We have come to know Jii through her music and beautiful soul - please join us in lending her a hand.

    In Jii's words describing her music:

    Analogue, Ambient/Dark, Drone, Experimental Noise & Idm are where my musical passion thrives with a cinematic touch. Self taught in the area of music theory and incorporating real instruments: piano, violin, cello, Native flute & Native drumming can be found in many of my releases. Positive energies evolve creating soundscapes of emotion; many of the elements stem from my Native American (Ojibwe) heritage, these elements easily create their own fusion with originality, putting in motion, and a reflection of me; resulting in the ongoing project of Jii-Music.

    After many years of composing music and performing live in classical violin/piano concerto competitions in my adolescent years, given honorable mention by the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra in my adult life and performing traditional Native American dance in intertribal powwows within the United States; my students and friends felt it was time to start releasing and sharing my unreleased music publicly or possibly look into some music netlabels. In 2012, my first EP and my first full album were released on a French netlabel, Sirona-Records. I’ve continued to release music in 2013 on CRL Studios, Treetrunk Records and Solanic Netlabel. The day I stop composing music will be the day I stop breathing.


    released 22 March 2013
    Mastering by Tokee: doperec.com/tokee
    Artwork by Peter Nejedly: www.flickr.com/photos/peternejedly/

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