• LAPKAT Remix of VOX album

    Lisa Greenaway aka LAPKAT created an amazing remix of album VOX [Ref.025] by CIRCE:The Black Cut Project. Listen to LAPKAT's mix that features tracks from KrAtOS, LAPKAT, 3bc & Asymmetroi Faroi, Kritzkom and my track titled 'Heart Of Darkness'.

    LAPKAT is Lisa Greenaway, a radio maker and producer out of Melbourne, Australia. As DJ LAPKAT, Lisa creates lyrical, kinetic mixes of global rhythm and melody, multilingual poetry and story. Spoken word artists, poets, storytellers, griots, emcees, cantati, chanteurs ... stories old and new, lost and found treasures, voices and languages from around the world mixed with music ranging from folk traditions to the cross-cultural collaborations of the global bass movement. Minimal beats made for slow dances, passionate voices and a stream of social consciousness.
    LAPKAT presents a monthly podcast, 'La Danza Poetica' which is broadcast on Radio Groovalizacion and Chimeres Greece. Featuring poetry, hip hop, folk traditions and global beats, LDP is a deep exploration into the many worlds, one world poetic groove. 

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