• BroodingSideOfMadness & nobodisoundz - Dis​-​Tu

    Eight lo-fi sketches that lead to unchartered territories while we breath few words of Mallarmé

    BroodingSideOfMadness is interested in phonemes, graph theory, realism and any dystopian ambience. He prefers the use of acoustic material than synthetic and he always seeks for the generative element in his tracks. He runs Etched Traumas net label.

    Nobodisoundz comes from France and first started this sound-making project by cobbling together music samples, sounds, field recordings and the results of his fiddling with audio software. These sounds completed his works and added an atmosphere within and around his paintings, subsequent installations and videos. He looks for dense, heavy, noisy, squeaky, tense and quiet atmospheres, which have to be both dark and bright at the same time.


    released December 6, 2016

    BroodingSideOfMadness: field recordings, guitar, pads, mixing, percussion, arrangement
    nobodisoundz: field recordings, keyboards, sounds

    Written by BroodingSideOfMadness and nobodisoundz
    Paintings by nobodisoundz / Design by BroodingSideOfMadness


    An Etched Traumas release ET104 December 2016

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