• S.N. K. / S.R. A. / 23

    FREE DOWNLOAD: https://archive.org/details/ET119_BroodingSideOfMadness_Melophobia_SerpentNoir_SerpentRouge

    BroodingSideOfMadness: Field Recording, Ableton, Guitar, Cover Design
    Melophobia: Analog Percussion, Field Recording

    melophobia comes from Greece. He likes to experiment with long noise and drone sounds intermingled with field recordings and acoustic sounds. melophobia is heavily influenced by contemporary artists such as Merzbow and early ’90s shoegaze scene. He is active with his ultra-limited releases of his 3″/5″ CDr label ‘illicit-tapes’. He cherishes the piles of his priceless jap noise C-xx tapes and obscure vinyls.

    BroodingSideOfMadness is interested in phonemes, graph theory, realism and any dystopian ambiance. He seeks for the generative element in his tracks. He is the founder of Etched Traumas netlabel.

    Thanks to Pindaros C.

    An Etched Traumas release ET119 January 2018

  • Eight lo-fi sketches that lead to unchartered territories while we breath few words of Mallarmé

    BroodingSideOfMadness is interested in phonemes, graph theory, realism and any dystopian ambience. He prefers the use of acoustic material than synthetic and he always seeks for the generative element in his tracks. He runs Etched Traumas net label.

    Nobodisoundz comes from France and first started this sound-making project by cobbling together music samples, sounds, field recordings and the results of his fiddling with audio software. These sounds completed his works and added an atmosphere within and around his paintings, subsequent installations and videos. He looks for dense, heavy, noisy, squeaky, tense and quiet atmospheres, which have to be both dark and bright at the same time.


    released December 6, 2016

    BroodingSideOfMadness: field recordings, guitar, pads, mixing, percussion, arrangement
    nobodisoundz: field recordings, keyboards, sounds

    Written by BroodingSideOfMadness and nobodisoundz
    Paintings by nobodisoundz / Design by BroodingSideOfMadness


    An Etched Traumas release ET104 December 2016

  • I am happy to be part of this experimental compilation titled 'Cantabile'. I collaborated with canadian artist Ophed for the track 'Palindromes: Παλίνδρομα' (14th in the playlist). Track is based on voices with palidrome words of french and greek language. Free download.

  • Lisa Greenaway aka LAPKAT created an amazing remix of album VOX [Ref.025] by CIRCE:The Black Cut Project. Listen to LAPKAT's mix that features tracks from KrAtOS, LAPKAT, 3bc & Asymmetroi Faroi, Kritzkom and my track titled 'Heart Of Darkness'.

    LAPKAT is Lisa Greenaway, a radio maker and producer out of Melbourne, Australia. As DJ LAPKAT, Lisa creates lyrical, kinetic mixes of global rhythm and melody, multilingual poetry and story. Spoken word artists, poets, storytellers, griots, emcees, cantati, chanteurs ... stories old and new, lost and found treasures, voices and languages from around the world mixed with music ranging from folk traditions to the cross-cultural collaborations of the global bass movement. Minimal beats made for slow dances, passionate voices and a stream of social consciousness.
    LAPKAT presents a monthly podcast, 'La Danza Poetica' which is broadcast on Radio Groovalizacion and Chimeres Greece. Featuring poetry, hip hop, folk traditions and global beats, LDP is a deep exploration into the many worlds, one world poetic groove. 

  • I am proud to be participating in the great compilation titled  CIRCE :The Black Cut: projectListen to my track titled 'Heart Of Darkness' in 'The women of Great River' section. I used Linda's recording talking about her mother. 

    The album VOX [Voice; Sound; Call; Outcry] is part of the project « circe :the black cut: » and it is compiled by its founder and composer, Anna Stereopoulou. Being the second CIRCE Family Album (after the release of "Vuelo Libre" in December 2014), "VOX" consists of 28 tracks composed by the participants of CIRCE The Black Cut, as well as by the artists who responded to "The Women of the Great River" call-out /playlist of Claudia Wegener's RADIO Continental Drift; guest project of the CIRCE The Black Cut ~ 2nd Presentation (2015). 

    The 2nd phase of the project (2015), offers "Bees" to all participants, as the new Theme connecting all existing sources of inspiration. Through the present compilation we are invited to join the outward motion which is mostly achieved by the exploration, the acceptance and the unity of opposites. The theme of "Bees" suggests awareness about these essential to the ecosystem, flying insects, and the numerous threats they are exposed to (habitat loss, pesticides, etc.), as well as a paradigm to learn from their way of life, work and communication, in order to become more open and express our Voice, louder and wider, by exiting any kind of cell, which we are forced -by others or by our own selves- to live in. Thus, the transition from the compositions of the CIRCE The Black Cut participants, to the remixes of the artists responding to "The Women of the Great River" playlist, represents the voyage of an out-cry, wrestling to travel, beginning from our roots and our most inner places, through various bee voices helping us to kill our egos, by crossing the "river" or any kind of barrier and expose our feelings free to light.  The album is available on Seven Moons as Digital Format and Free Downloading. Album Cover Images by Dom aka Kyriakos Sakellaris ["The Wrestler" Sculpture (detail), Syntagma square (Athens, Hellas) and "Bee" (detail), Skopelos island (Hellas) /[variation of "Fatal" photography artwork, presented at the CIRCE The Black Cut exhibition (December 19-22, 2015, Athens, GR)]. 

    Album Cover Layout by annAStereo.

    creditsreleased December 19, 2015 

    The Women of the Great River guest project
    ARTISTS Remixing in Sound Art
    • Asymmetroi Faroi [Greece]
    • BroodingSideOfMadness [Greece]
    • Macussi aka Marcus C. Diess [Austria]
    • Sirpa Jokinen [Finland]
    • Köhn aka Jürgen De Blonde [Belgium]
    • Inge van den Kroonenberg [Netherlands, Belgium]
    • DJ Kwe [Canada]
    • LAPKAT aka Lisa Greenaway [Australia]
    • Anna Leopolder [Germany]
    • Barnaby Spigel [UK]
    • Ms Soli Tii [Germany/ UK]
    • Dixie Treichel [USA]
    • Terry Humphrey aka Tunkstore Arts [UK]
    • Yes Afrika Women’s Forum [Germany]

    ARTISTS Remixing in Visual Art
    • Agness Buya Yombwe [Zambia]
    • Alma Tischler Wood [UK /Germany]

    ARTISTS heard in Source Recordings 
    • Simudenda Bertha [Zimbabwe]
    • Rosemary Cumanzala [Zimbabwe]
    • Christine Hankwebe [Zimbabwe]
    • Nonhlanhla Mathe [Zimbabwe]
    • Barbara Mudimba [Zimbabwe]
    • Linda Mudimba [Zimbabwe]
    • Abbigal Muleya [Zimbabwe]
    • Florence Munsaka [Zimbabwe]
    • Mary Munsaka [Zimbabwe]
    • Luyando Muyalali [Zimbabwe]
    • Janet Mwiinde [Zimbabwe]
    • Esnart Mweemba [Zambia]
    • Viola Mwembe [Zimbabwe]
    • Sihle Ndlovu [Zimbabwe]
    • Pupils of Damba Primary School (2012) [Zimbabwe]
    • Penny Yon [Zimbabwe]
    • Agness Buya Yombwe [Zambia]


  • An excerpt from the short ethnographic video "Armilla: What grows here", presented on October 23rd, 2015 within the framework of Invisible Cities two-day-conference organised by UOA (Department of Communication and Media Studies) and Italian Cultural Institute, Athens. Shot by O. Kassaveti, M.Katsikana, edited by Y. Roussos, narrated by Zoe Ropaitou and music by me titled 'Armilla'

  • New video for the unreleased track 'Machinery I' [2015]

  • I am so glad to participate in this amazing compilation titled 'The Music of Ancient gReece: an appReciation' on Surrism-Phonoethics curated by Igor Jovanovic ( LEZET ). My track is titled 'Atermon' and is loosely based on the well known ancient Seikilos melody.

    The music of ancient Greece was almost universally present in society, from marriages and funerals to religious ceremonies, theatre, folk music and the ballad-like reciting of epic poetry. It thus played an integral role in the lives of ancient Greeks. There are significant fragments of actual Greek musical notation as well as many literary references to ancient Greek music, such that some things can be known—or reasonably surmised—about what the music sounded like, the general role of music in society, the economics of music, the importance of a professional caste of musicians, etc" (Wikipedia,  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_of_ancient_Greece).
    The tracks on this compilation are either covers of the remaining fragments of Ancient Greek music, or a reflection of the participating artists on the cultural legacy of Ancient Greece and an attempt to find the music of Ancient Greece in their own compositional approaches.

    Free download

  • Free download. Video for 'We are the dots of a catastrophic umlaut word' EP

    (2005-2007 written tracks)

    [ET05]  An Etched Traumas release

    released 06 November 2011
  • I am more than happy to participate in 'Ombre Et Lumière' compilation on dhatūrā records. My track is titled 'Als de dwaas zou volharden in zijn dwaasheid zou hij wijs worden' (In English: If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise) a William Blake line out of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. 

    A short track based on mostly acoustic sounds and vocals aiming at innate weirdness, generative evolution and 'cyclical' melody. Enjoy. A free download.

    Artwork, illustrations: Jean-Christophe Liénard 

  • Proud to be part of LEZET -2''- released with CLASSWAR KARAOKE(UK)! The album contains the EP of 2-second songs 10 remixes/reinterpretations of fellow artists.

    Driven by the idea that came from a song I did a while back, I wanted to simply make an EP of 2-second tracks , but it became so much more than that. This idea turned into a collection of 2-second tracks that could be looped and hopefully perceived as genuine microsongs that have a clear melodic or rhythmic centre. It so happened that the stems I made and used on these were given a whole new life by my friends who also happen to be extraordinary music-makers. They provided an entire collection of songs that way surpassed the core EP and made me realise once again that collaboration and exchange are the only real path to music exploration and growth / Igor Jovanovic, March 2015 

    released 27 March 2015

  • Second TFPOTH party @ ΡΟΜΑΝΤΣΟ with Gazumbi, Mr. Meltin' Pot, Gus Kay and me. Free Entrance. Freestyle, African, Dub, Electrofunk, Afrohouse and Greek dance rarities.

  • Enjoy my collaboration track "Charcoal Cross" with Walter Fini in Metamorphosis (Μεταμόρφωσις) album on Dhatūrā Records. Free Download

    The project started when D@P posted his original sin worldwide, waiting for to be transformed... 
    ... It became a sweet ghoul in Hamburg, 
    walked in Saint Jean as a ghost, 
    was reincarnated in black cat in NRW, 
    tuned to firebird in Le Mans and Athens 
    breathed old ashes in Valparaisao, 
    rose in the lost air of Toulouse, 
    as a phoenix in Québec started to Pb82 2 Au79 
    reborned in Anthens as a new world 
    and released in a virtual and digital niche in Grenoble.

    released 08 September 2014 

  • 'Speech Rapid Fire' party and  another DJ duet night with John Komakino at Some Bizarre. Lots of Cumbia, Post Punk, Dub and Space Disco!

  • The 5 Years Intesonik party at Some Bizarre. We had a great time!. My DJ set was with John Komakino.

  • Our live performance with Darkstar83 at Romantso, Athens. Soundboard recording with no overdubs. We're planning to release it via Etched Traumas label soon.

    All music written and performed live by BroodingSideOfMadness and Darkstar83
    2008-2014 CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

    Video/Editing/Shots by You:Coma and BroodingSideOfMadness 
    Contains public domain footage from archive.org.

  • Classwar Karaoke: Classwar Karaoke - 0026 Survey

    New collaboration track with Seicho suru kiwi and Unsample on Classwar Karakoke compilation 26.

  • 'Lily of Belgium' track part of  Midnight Radio Compilation 18. Original composition for the special screening of 'The Lily of Belgium' (Wladyslaw Starewicz,1915) within the framework of the 8th Athens Animfest 2013 at the Greek Film archive / 13.3.2013 Free download.
    Σάββατο 18 Ιανουαρίου 2014
    Ρομάντσο – Αναξαγόρα 3-5
    Ώρα έναρξης: 23.00
    Είσοδος ελεύθερη

    Οι Gazumbi, Mr Meltin’ Pot, BroodingSideOfMadness και Guskay επιστήμονες του ήχου και παραγωγοί του intersonik.net καταλαμβάνουν τα πλατό του Ρομάντσο!

    Ένα ηχητικό ταξίδι στα 4 σημεία του ορίζοντα σε μια βραδιά μουσικής ενδοσκόπησης και χορευτικής ανάτασης, που εξερευνά χωροχρονικά τη δίνη της μουσικής και το αέναο στροβίλισμα της!

  • Free Download : http://etchedtraumas.bandcamp.com/album/a-dying-breed-of-urban-planners
    Four tracks EP by BroodingSideOfMadness. Three tracks were written for short films 2007-2009. Track titled 'Heavy' was written in 2005.

    Sound and video by BroodingSideOfMadness

    Released 23 October 2011