• How could we assess the web of a city and its effect on the residents’ mental disposal? Is every urban status the result of the eternal interactions of residents’ mental disposals? Where there are interactions there are frictions; fermentations through loose or tight collectiveness. Is there any chance for the opposite? Each moment of city could be accidental; could be explicitly defined by the degree of withdrawal or even deterrence of its residents. The mob likes to mingle. The city is a crib by now. Carnivorous urban planners and their dying breed. The city has an enormous sedative region; acting as a joyful drug for them. Region/Area/District/Place/Spot/Neighbourhood all those boring names. A preset walking path. A recreational area. A sunny beach. The limestone pavements by the sand y los palmitos. A gathering spot. Mental junk-food. Wander or live peacefully.

    Tools: Proposed walk from: Heaven to Food
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