• Four enclosed walls. Bang your head on the wall of madness and rouse yourself from thoughts. Unorganised preparing for eternal nothingness. Could 30hz freqs tranquil the body? "I hate the big decisions that cause endless revisions in my mind.". Daniel is in the lion's den.
  • Project “PUBLIC SCREEN"

    In the need to address the concept of “heterotopias” under today’s terms within contemporary societies, the Public Screen project attempts to redefine the relationship between contemporary art and the public-urban space.

    In the text titled “Des Espaces Autres-Heterotopies” of 1967, Michel Foucault identifies heterotopias as real places as opposed to utopias that constitute locations without an actual place, an ideal version of society or a reversal of actual places.

    The heterotopias are functional places, within the societies, with explicit, established principles as well as rules for access and transit. As examples of such spaces, the author uses cemeteries, psychiatric institutions, prisons, nursing homes, gardens, museums, libraries, record offices, as well as festivals, Turkish baths, cinemas, brothels, colonies and ships; according to the author, the later ones are considered as the major aspects of heterotopias.

    Heterotopias are associated with the concept of time in complicated ways. In certain cases, such as in museums and libraries, time is accumulated endlessly, while in festivals, time has a recursive appearance.

    In the modern globalized market, the manner in which works of art are produced and distributed has certainly changed, nevertheless, it has never stopped being a process of an economic nature in which the artists and the consumers have diverse potentials of access.

    The purpose of this project is to bring together and expose works of art, screened in selected sites of the city, which utilize the medium of photography or video.

    Curated by: Syrago Tsiara

    Watch Waiting film:

    Thessaloniki Port, 1, Warehouse A, Museum of Photography
    [Monday 17/9 to Sunday 30/9 Screening hours: 9-12:30 PM.]


  • The space becomes perceptible through pain. The urban spatial extent is fragmented in areas: commercial centre, industrial region, campus, recreation areas. All these uses follow an urban planning that is dictated centrally. There are possible economic and disciplinary profits through the exploitation of residents' behaviours within the common acceptable limits. The degree of predictability of human behaviours is related positively with the effectiveness of the repressive and marketing mechanisms. The defeat is imminent even if you will invert the land use. The invention of new geographies should be painstakingly articulated. Do not forget the signs of corruptness and incuriosity. Follow the alleys and you'll bump into them.