International exhibition of abstract cinema
    Roma, Isola Tiberina
    25, 26, 27 August2009

    Blue Lions On the Wall and Jerszy will be screened
    27 August, 21,30 - 23,30 session.
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  • "Performer proposes through the contradistinction of her actions. She waits and hopes something to be born, she plays with the embarrassment and the void. The audio visual environment refers to the daily sounds of enclosed spaces we live and create. Performer moves improvisational and articulates the text."

    Authentic Movement is an expressive improvisational movement practice that allows a group of participants a type of free association of the body. It was started by Mary Starks Whitehouse in the 1950s as "movement in depth". In the Authentic Movement aspect of Whitehouse’s approach, the moving participants (movers) are passively observed by a witness, who ‘contains’ the experience of the mover by witnessing their movements without judgement, projection or interpretation. In this way the witness is also an active participant, as witnessing is a practice in observing one’s own sensations and impulses while observing the mover’s. It's important to note that Whitehouse created many individual, dyadic and group experiences to create a context for moving from inner sensation and whole-body experience. Authentic Movement is a term coined and developed by Janet Adler that has become identified with Whitehouse but which doesn't entirely encompass her contribution.

    Technopolis Room D6
    Performer: Despina Hatzipavlidou
    Video: U. Cassavetes
    Music: BroodingSideOfMadness
    Assistance: Marianna Makri, Apostolos Karydogiannis

    Duration: 35mins
    16/6 22.00
    17/6 23.00
    18/6 22.30

  • Best Audio Band Award for 'There Is No Soul, Alone' music piece for 'Interspersed In Walls' @ 4th Crash INTERNATIONAL STUDENT'S SHORT FILM FESTIVAL

    CRASHFEST is the annual International Festival of Students’ Short Films organised by the Film Department, School of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

  • Backup is a festival for film and video productions developed using digital tools, and also a stock-taking within the realm of 'new media'. backup began in the European Cultural Capital Year of Weimar that was celebrated in 1999. backup stands for films and videos, which, by creatively dealing with different methods of production and modes of expression, reflect, define, and re-define the limits and possibilities of cinematic formats. 'Interspersed In Walls' @ Backup_festival 2009 will be screened on May 2009.

  • 'Interspersed In Walls' @NIFF Digital Shorts, Naoussa 2009 will be screened on May 2009.


  • If Music Could Talk VI 20-03-2009 23.00 @ Obi Uptown
    The sixth annual Joe Strummer Tribute Party.

    Free entrance

  • Falling and declining, the classical representation starts to revolve around the creative use of colour: humanizing the imperfect, idealizing the human and supporting the inadequate, blue lions are heading towards Ecstasy.

    Blue Lions On the Wall

    Writer/ Directed: U. Cassavetes
    Music: 'Gegen Ami' by BroodingSideOfMadness
    Editing: AddTech/ ReUsed Parts

    Time: 2.07 min
    Production Year: 2009
    'You: Coma'