• One more festival entry. This time it's the Crash Festival 2007 in Salonica, Greece. We participate/compete in the 'Exprerimental Films' section. The film is called 'Waiting' and I wrote the music piece called 'Momentar Jump To Eternity'. Please check out the screening dates. Film has the #49 number.

    [Thursday 26 April 2007 : Room 1 - 16:00]
    Museum of Cinema - Port

    [Friday 27 April 2007 : Room 3 - 18:00]
    ΙΕΚ AKMI (Venizelou & Tsimiski 14)

    [Sunday 29 April 2007 : Room 1 - 16:00]
    Museum of Cinema - Port

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    Here's the full credits:

    Waiting [GR, 2006]

    Writer/ Directed: Ursula Cassavetes
    Music: BroodingSideOfMadness
    Assistance: Thanos Papoulis
    Actors: Georgia Thanou, Costas Varotsos

    The waiting, as divergence from a delimited horizon of expectations but also as a cancellation, constitutes the basic questioning of "Waiting". Two persons seem to wait for anything and they apply to their anxienty/ indifference a different structure of patience: the woman reacts quite mechanically and she’ s suffering, she’ s full of stress and passion, whereas the man’ s reaction is pathetic and overdriven by an exhausting mysticism. Between the two of them, lies the immaculate gap of all applied communication techniques and dexterities.

    The ostensible communicational intercourse of the two central characters will never take place, as the logic of waiting has reversed the levelling of expectation and reversely. The solution, as at least it will be presented in the imaginary level of the two persons, will be absolute and unexpected, interrupting not only the process of the waiting but of the development, too.

    Music holds a descriptive role, trying to elect the non synergy of the two characters. The two elements, as the melodiousness and the brutal metronomic rhythm, should be converged into a single form. Using the deconstruction according to the big tradition of ‘dub’ music, it is searched if finally this is feasible. Through the pattern ‘whole - abstraction – solution’, the spectator is imported violently in the waiting and he is called to identify the two characters with the two basically elements of the musical part.

  • There are two entries in Athens Video Festival this year you should check out. Matiko is the 1/3 of our documentary team and during the last months we work on our Greek Civil War documetary project . We share a common love for the UK 60's free cinema and music. I edited his 'Dub One' video. He made the video and audio part. Ursula Cassavetes is my partner in our artistic explorations and she's heavily into Marta Meszaros, Kasimir Malevich and Asger Jorn. I wrote the music for her great 'Asunder' video . The music piece is called 'Too Many Video Games / Rotten Brain'. It's great to know that there are some people living in the same city with such great interests.

    [ Saturday 28 April 2007 : Room B'. 16:00 ]
    Ursula Cassavetes - Asunder [2006]

    [ Sunday 29 April 2007 : Room A'. 16:00 ]
    Matiko - Dub One [2007]

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  • Censored and exhausted. I'm going to abandon all my projects and stick to a white collar day. People are easy going. The Monday's boring talks and goodmornings. Car repair talks and weddings en provence. Where do they sell this happy flesh mask? I could be your samaritan. Today. I could be your evil thought. No, the tide is low and i should have known this. At least I had a good deed last weekend. Now pass me the razor camera and fake for me.

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