• Ah, Easter holidays. Normally greeks slaughter thousands of lambs in the name of tradition. this particular time of the year. food orgy is accompanied with trad. sounds of clarinet (i hate it). Anyway, i started working on the M and J project. I googled a lot. found pictures and maps. Those precious handwrited notes again.

    First topic to cover is torture. prepared the first 2-4 minutes motion video. Those first minutes will be the historical intro. some snapshots with masks. got postitive feedback .

    we don't even have a working title.
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    Last night? An urban safari by automobile. We traversed the south west suburbs, map free. Me, had a terrible headache. Hammering Metal Barrels. 'Vasilikon' and 'American Ladies' are already geomarked four star roads in my mind. Wish I had my GPS to capture our route. The ugliest part of the city.
  • Some bars are cesspools. Come on, get in, bring your tired bodies and pretend you have a great time for a couple of hours. Leave your human wastes, pint after pint. Do we want to be part of the spectacle of denial and fun? Instead:
    Let's go, burning, down the road and invent new urban geographies.
  • Our 1st New Wave Party @ Alheemistes , Psirri, Athens [6 April 2006]
    Το πρώτο Νιου γουέιβ πάρτυ @ Αλχημιστής, Ψυρρή, Αθήνα [6 Απριλίου 2006]

    Free Entrance / Ελεύθερη είσοδος

    DJs: G. Ginis, Jimmy Strummer, BroodingSideOfMadness, N. Sarikostas.
    We'll cover the 1976-1983 (<-strictly) era / Θα καλύψουμε τη περίοδο 1976-1983 (<-αυστηρά)

    Visit DJ4 blog site here. George G. and Jimmy S. posted two articles.

    What is New Wave for me? Surely it's G. Maciunas and K. Malevitch's eyes. It's Os Mutantes and the Pop Group. It's the Clash and tropicalia. Oppose to all patriarchs of tagging and question authority.