• I choose 'Les Choses'

    Lucky flower Kokeshi doll

    Fields in the rural inner-land owned by the parents of urban working early dirty-something 'Jugend'. Rents and houses. Paternal 60s Junta real estate investements. Olives trees and 'Rooms to let' signs finance the struggling youth in metropolis. The Incomes from unknown activities. Money from the grandfather. The family supports its children here in South-eastern Europe. That's what we like and how they've been taught to accept. Let tradition speaks. The 'black work' [sic] extends the life of Greek family. Current status: We're just moments away from facing the decadent reality of the western values and pace. There are some people living marginalized. ..others feeding themselves with the side products of société conservative ideas. The balkan wet dream of west-east combination is about to be lost. There are some people choosing the 'VERSATILE' word as a life concept. C'est la nature. When poverty will bang on the door you'll see their desperate faces. At the end of the day we'll be left mit our Kultur und Dinge. ..with all our gathered choses. The vintage relics of a 20th century nostalgia.

    Kasimir Malevich Teapot and Tea Cup

    I choose 'Les choses'. A house micro-cosmos with all les objets du désir. A Pallade, and a Stadio. Kunstwerke@home. Unfortunately, there are no party ordered/commissioned Malevich-es anymore. We've been left alone, floating... the EU sponsored arty lifestyle dictatorship of my citta. The excuse for the air they breathe extending their predictable lives.

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