• Life Without A Compass

    The emblem as a concealed human characteristic of pathology.

    A. Wealth B. Appearance C. Place.

    The 'call for attention' via pessimistic/optimistic attitude of life. The two identical streets. The false sanctification of personal space. Two bodies are colliding. Two lives sharp as razor blades. Thrown in lousy districts.

    We all have certain looks, aspects ready to use. We equip them all the time. How much they accommodate us!. But now all the things are equivalent, really quantic. Yes and No are mixed together. So fast and funny. I am 'above' you are 'under'. You don't even have to speak. The terror in front of joy. The extreme improvisation in the use of objects is a supreme art.

    Because we live. Lean your head. You had a good life. Is it safe for me to say 'Are you dead?'? You taught us how to be agnostic.

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